Other Services

Whether you play professionally or for a hobby, the health of your instrument is important. If you aren’t sure what to do for the care and upkeep of your guitar, I may be able to assist in some of these areas: change strings, adjust and clean your instrument, perform minor repairs, etc. Below is a more detailed list of services and descriptions, along with pricing. If you are interested, please let me know on the Contact page.


String changing: When I change your strings, I first help you select the strings that you want based on your desired tone and feel. Many strings sound very different than others, and some brands play easier and last longer. In addition, I also carefully clean the fretboard and polish the frets each time I change the strings on an instrument (including my own). Dirt and grime on the fretboard can clog up the windings of your strings and kill their tone much quicker than if you started with a clean fretboard. Smooth, polished frets decrease the friction involved with string bending and are also easier on your fingers. I then oil the fretboard to prevent it from drying out and cracking, and I also clean and oil the gears in your tuners if they need it.

After putting the new strings on your instrument, I tune them up to the proper tension and then carefully stretch them, so that they will stay in tune much longer. Then, I adjust the truss rod (most guitars, banjos, and mandolins have them) so that the instrument’s neck is as straight as possible without the strings buzzing on the frets. This drastically reduces the exertion involved in making a chord, especially with heavier gauge strings. Believe it or not, many instrument manufacturers do not perform this vital step before selling their instruments, and changes in temperature and humidity can cause the truss rod to go out of adjustment by itself.

Finally, I carefully clean and polish the instrument, lightly waxing and polishing it by hand like you would with a car. It is amazing how good a cleaned and polished instrument feels when compared to a dirty one, and a smoother neck lets your hand move around and make chords faster. I  also polish the metal parts on the instrument (such as the tuners and several banjo parts) to help guard against rust and corrosion.

As you can see, when I change the strings on your instrument, I actually do much more than just take one set off and put another on. My price for this service, with all listed extras included, is $20 plus the cost of the strings (usually $15 or less for a very high-end set).


Cleaning and adjusting: If the strings on your instrument are just fine but you still want to have it cleaned and have the truss rod adjusted, I can perform just these services without changing your strings. Note that cleaning the frets and fretboard is more difficult unless you change the strings at the same time, so to clean them I will need to take the tension off of your current strings and work around and under them. My price for these services is $10.


Repairs: I can also perform minor instrument repairs such as fixing or changing tuners, nuts, and saddles,  leveling frets, gluing down bridges, etc. In all of these cases, I will need to see the instrument before naming a price.

Note: All prices subject to change without notice.